Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Did you think I disappeared?

So I'm a lame blogger. I'll admit it. These blogging sites are actually not particularly easy to use. At least in the way I'd like to use them. I can't seem to post pictures and captions and have them stay where I put them. When I publish the blog they go all whack-a-doo and I get mad and don't want to re-do it all.

SO. Anyways. What's new with me? Well, July and August I worked out like a crazy woman. I completed boot camp class. I even still went once I went back to work after my summer break. That first Tuesday of getting up at 4:30, going to boot camp, then to work...well, it was a long one. But I survived and I got in much better shape for it. I also tried to hit the gym at least once or twice a week in addition to the two days of boot camp a week.

I got my first "fill" in my lapband on July 31st. He put 4 cc's of saline into my band to make it tighter. I feel like it helped a little, but honestly I think I would like even a little more restriction. But I can't complain too much...I'm officially down 38 pounds. I'm 7 little pounds away from being under 200...which I haven't been in like, eight years or something like that! Very exciting stuff. For me, at least.

I am now training to do a 4 mile leg of the Denver Marathon with a team. The race is on Oct. 18th. I don't have any idea how I'll do. Boot camp was a lot of sprinting and short bursts of things, so it's been a while since I've been running long distances. I'll let you know how I do!

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  1. how did you do on the Denver Marathon? This is your cuz Kristen, by the way.