Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Even more OWWWWWW

Two words. BOOT CAMP.

My muscles are MAD today. But I'm glad that I worked them so hard. We did weight training, balance training, ran sprints, did lunge squats across the football field, ran the stairs around the bleachers, and did "suicide" sprints. That's when you start at the goal line, sprint to the ten yard line, then run back to the goal line, then sprint to the twenty yard line, then back to the goal line...and well, you get the idea.

I'm proud because not only did I do it and never give up, I never got frustrated or anxious. I didn't compare myself to anyone else, I just did it. I was the last one to finish my suicide sprints, but I did it and I ran the whole time.

So I'm hurting today, but it feels so good to know I'm doing good things for my body!

Oh, and I'm now down 25 pounds!

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  1. that's great! sounds like a lot of work but it's paying off.