Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Did you think I disappeared?

So I'm a lame blogger. I'll admit it. These blogging sites are actually not particularly easy to use. At least in the way I'd like to use them. I can't seem to post pictures and captions and have them stay where I put them. When I publish the blog they go all whack-a-doo and I get mad and don't want to re-do it all.

SO. Anyways. What's new with me? Well, July and August I worked out like a crazy woman. I completed boot camp class. I even still went once I went back to work after my summer break. That first Tuesday of getting up at 4:30, going to boot camp, then to work...well, it was a long one. But I survived and I got in much better shape for it. I also tried to hit the gym at least once or twice a week in addition to the two days of boot camp a week.

I got my first "fill" in my lapband on July 31st. He put 4 cc's of saline into my band to make it tighter. I feel like it helped a little, but honestly I think I would like even a little more restriction. But I can't complain too much...I'm officially down 38 pounds. I'm 7 little pounds away from being under 200...which I haven't been in like, eight years or something like that! Very exciting stuff. For me, at least.

I am now training to do a 4 mile leg of the Denver Marathon with a team. The race is on Oct. 18th. I don't have any idea how I'll do. Boot camp was a lot of sprinting and short bursts of things, so it's been a while since I've been running long distances. I'll let you know how I do!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Even more OWWWWWW

Two words. BOOT CAMP.

My muscles are MAD today. But I'm glad that I worked them so hard. We did weight training, balance training, ran sprints, did lunge squats across the football field, ran the stairs around the bleachers, and did "suicide" sprints. That's when you start at the goal line, sprint to the ten yard line, then run back to the goal line, then sprint to the twenty yard line, then back to the goal line...and well, you get the idea.

I'm proud because not only did I do it and never give up, I never got frustrated or anxious. I didn't compare myself to anyone else, I just did it. I was the last one to finish my suicide sprints, but I did it and I ran the whole time.

So I'm hurting today, but it feels so good to know I'm doing good things for my body!

Oh, and I'm now down 25 pounds!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Owwwwwww... achy muscles! I did an hour long PowerFlex class last night and MAN I am feeling it today! It was non-stop the whole time, just shifting from one muscle group to the next, and the trainer did not go easy on me even though I was a first timer to the class.

I had intentions of trying a yoga class after that, but my arms and legs were literally quivering from all that resistance training, so I figured yoga will have to wait until another day. Driving home literally took arms barely wanted to hang on to the steering wheel. I took a long hot shower when I got home and even washing my hair was tiring!

My husband and daughter got home right after I did with a subway sandwich for me. It makes me laugh that I used to be able to eat a footlong with ease and now I can eat about half of a six inch sandwich. My brain is still getting accustomed to what my new stomach capacity is...because there are times I'm sure I'll be able to eat everything in sight because I'm so hungry, and a few bites later I'm stuffed. Very weird but very cool!

Oh, and I weighed this morning...down another pound. 24 pounds lost!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Working Out has Begun!

I have given myself a good month to heal from surgery and just "get the hang of things" before I jumped into exercising. My surgeon gave me the go ahead, but said he wanted me to avoid anything really straining on my stomach (so no Abs of Steel videos for me I guess!)

So yesterday I hit the gym. I went to Bally's and did the elliptical machine for ten minutes and then did the bike for ten minutes. Then I went back later and did an hour long kickboxing class. It was tough but I made it through the whole thing. I'll wasn't much fun to watch myself in the giant mirror and see under arm flabbage flying and feeling everything bounce up and down during jumping jacks. Let's just say I will buying some major heavy duty sports bras!

But at the same time...I could see how much smaller I've become just from 23 pounds lost. So despite feeling like I've got a long way to go, I can see the progress I've made and it really motivates me. Tonight I'm going to an hour long resistance training class and then an hour long yoga class.

I won't be able to exercise this much when I go back to work in a few weeks, but I figure I can bust my booty for a few weeks to jump start my exercise routine.

On the day of my surgery I weighed 244, and now I weigh 221. Not too shabby for the first month!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

One month banded...22 pounds down!

I'm coming out...I want the world to know...that I'm...banded! Yes, I had weight loss surgery and I'm sharing it with anyone who wants to know about it. I'm going to chronicle my journey - my ups, my downs, my whatevers - with the lapband.

The first thing I want to make clear is that getting weight loss surgery is definitely NOT an easy way out for losing weight. It took me a full YEAR to jump through all the insurance hoops required to be approved for lapband surgery. Then I got approved-surprisingly very quickly and without any sort of battle-for the lapband and on May 18th, 2009 I had the surgery. I had my surgery at Sky Ridge Hospital in Lone Tree, Colorado with Dr. Chae.

Surgery was not that bad, honestly. I hurt a lot right afterwards, and for several days afterwards, but I took pain meds when needed and just rested as much as I could. I had pictures of my "battle wounds" after surgery, but my wonderful darling husband accidentally deleted them before I got them off the camera. He also deleted my official "before" pictures I took before we left for the hospital. SO - I will just post some pictures of me that I think will make good befores and post some now that I am down 22 pounds. And yes...I have lost 22 pounds since surgery. I haven't even had to put that much effort into it yet, the band has just kept me from eating that much and the weight started falling off. But I am now starting to adjust my diet more and will start exercising to fully utilize my band. I have not had any saline injected into my band surgeon said he'll wait to do that when I start feeling like I can eat a lot more than I do now. The saline is injected through a little port that is stitched to my abdominal wall and he can access it with a needle to inject saline to make the band tighter.

If you want to know more about how the band works, click here for more info!

Here are some before pics of me:

Here a few new ones of 22 pounds lighter!

I'll admit...even though I've lost a decent chunk of weight...I still have a looong way to go. I want to lose about 100 pounds total. My short term goal right now is to lose another 10-20 pounds in the next two months. I think I can easily achieve this healthily by making sure I lay off the carb-loaded foods and exercise faithfully. Check back soon for updates!